Articles support student practice at home

What is this lesson component or teaching method?

Homework is work assigned for students to do outside class. The purpose is generally to reinforce students’ knowledge and prompt them to practice new skills. Homework must involve tasks students can complete independently.

How does Newsela fit into this lesson component or teaching method?

The simplest option is to ask students to do Independent Reading at home. Teachers who are Newsela PRO users can review data about which articles students have read, their quiz scores, and their progress by Common Core State Standard.

Another version of this is that the teacher assigns students to read one article per night or a certain number of articles per week. Instead of or in addition to taking the quiz, students respond in writing using a consistent menu of prompts, which could include:

  • Select 3 sentences or sections of the article that stand out as particularly important. Explain what each means and why each is important to the author’s argument.
  • Write 3 facts you learned, 2 questions you have, and 1 opinion you have about the article’s topic.
  • Imagine your friend asks why this article is important. Explain why other 6th graders should know about this issue.

For additional accountability, the teacher could randomly select a few students to present an article to the class every day or every week.

Another option is for the teacher to assign a specific article and assignment related to that day’s lesson. For example, after a lesson on how to select compelling evidence, the teacher could ask students to read an article, highlight every piece of evidence, select the most compelling piece of evidence, and write a paragraph explaining what makes this piece of evidence so compelling.

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