Reading conference

The teacher meets one-on-one with a student to inquire about the student’s reading life and to coach into the student’s reading habits and performance, including engagement with reading, decoding, fluency and comprehension. The conference is both a follow-up to prior assessment and a chance to assess in a more conversational, personalized way. The teaching can be personalized as well, with the teacher recommending a course of work for the student, making note of it and following up on it in the next conference.

The teacher might come to a conference with a number of Newsela texts in hand. She/he may bring copies of, or links to, articles the student has already read to investigate a student’s comprehension work, especially if quiz scores indicate misunderstanding. And/or the teacher might bring a copy of, or link to, a new article that will become a practice text within the conference. 

The teacher will work with the student within the conference, likely asking the student to either read aloud or read silently with the teacher, so that the teacher may coach into the student’s work.

The teacher may also decide to ask the student to practice the strategy that has been taught in the conference on specific articles, or on articles at a particular Lexile, or a specific topic.

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