Assigning and unassigning articles

As a teacher, you can assign any number of articles to your classes. If two teachers assign the same article to a student, the article will be listed twice in the student's binder. However, when the student reads the article and takes the quiz, the results appear for both classes. NOTE: Assigned articles are assigned to the entire class.

Assigning an article

Newsela adds new articles each day that can be assigned to your students.

  1. Navigate to the article you want to assign.
  2. Click Assign at the top left and choose a class from the drop-down menu.

     Tip: Add instructions for your students to follow as they read.
  3. Click Assign. The Assign drop-down menu indicates the number of classes you've assigned the article to. Expand the drop-down menu to view the name of each class.

Unassigning an article

  1. Navigate to the article you want to unassign.
  2. You may see Review Mode in the top-left corner of the page. You'll need to click the 'x' before you can unassign an article.
  3. Click Assign at the top left and choose the class you want to unassign the article from.
  4. Click the class you assigned the article to.
  5. Click Unassign.

    NOTE: When you remove an assigned article from a class, the assignment is removed from your Binder. However, if a student has already read the article or has completed a quiz for that article, the article and quiz score will appear in the student's binder as an independent read.

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