Webinar Recordings

We offer live webinars so that you can learn about using Newsela directly from a teacher on our Community Engagement Team. Since we know teachers are busy, throughout the school year we will add recordings of our live webinars below. If you have a suggestion for a webinar, please email community@newsela.com with the subject line “Newsela Webinar Idea Suggestion.” 

Getting Started ... Newsela PRO 101

Newsela PRO 101 will introduce you to the ins and outs of Newsela. By the end of the session you will know what Newsela is, how registration works for both students and teachers and how to effectively get started. To download the slides used in this presentation, click here. 

Newsela PRO in the Classroom 

This 20 minute presentation takes you through the student registration process and highlights effective classroom applications to get you started with all of the essential Newsela  features. This video is great for both first time and experienced Newsela educators.

Teaching with Text Sets 

In this 10-minute presentation, we will explore the creative curriculum applications of Newsela Text Sets.

Write Webinar Recording 

When the Write feature was released on Newsela, we created this 10-minute presentation to help you master the ins and outs of Write. 

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