4. Compare and Contrast


This lesson allows students to work on comparing and contrasting content. Use Newsela’s categories to find articles that lend themselves to comparisons or check out the PRO/CON Text Set. Assign two articles to the class and then ask students to find similarities and differences between the articles. Students can use annotations to make notes about key features of each article. Then, they can record the results on a Venn diagram to map out their conclusions.

The Lesson

Newsela organizes articles into categories. You can use this categorization to identify articles that have something in common. And of course, because they are different articles, they will also have differences. Newsela also releases articles that have pros and cons. All of these features allow Newsela articles to be easily compared and contrasted.

  1. Choose two articles to compare or a pro/con article that will contain both sides of one theory.
    To start a conversation about technology, you could use:
     “No more teachers? No more books? Video games will teach college courses” vs. “Buckle up! Google will start testing driverless cars this summer.”
    To start a conversation about school safety, you could use: 
     “Not in our schools, educators say of new gun carry law” vs. “Texans have guns, will carry, but not as openly as they want.”
  2. Draw a Venn diagram that includes categories.

  1. Read the article out loud with your class and then ask students to identify at least three supporting details from the articles that fall in each category. These can be used for a class discussion.


As a follow-up, assign another set of articles and instruct students to complete their own Venn diagrams individually.

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