3. Predictions from Pictures


Because each Newsela article comes with a relevant engaging photo, play a game where students look at only the photo and guess what the article is about. This activity emphasizes the importance of looking at all features of the text. Then, instruct your students to read the article and then go back and compare their original inferences with what they now know. 

The LessonEach Newsela article has a relevant, relatable photograph. Students can look at the images to try to predict what the article is about. This helps students create a deeper connection to the article when they read it.

  1. Use filters to search for an article.
  2. Show only the image to the students and ask them to to record their initial reaction to each of the following points:
      • Observe: “I see...”
        This should be based on what stands out to each student upon first glance.
      • Predict/Infer: “ I think…feel…predict…infer…believe…conclude…”
        This should identify what’s happening in the picture or predict what the story is about.
      • Inquire/Question: “I wonder…”
        This should be a question that the student has about the photograph.
      • Activate All Senses: “I smell…I hear…I feel… I taste…I see…”
        This may include an answer to one or many senses based on how the students’ senses react to seeing the photograph or how they believe their senses would respond if they were in the photograph.
      • Reflect: “The photograph was trying to communicate…” “The photographer made the following choices because…” “The photograph was mainly about…”  
  3. Read the article out loud with your class and then ask your students to go back and see how their observations of the photograph matched the article.
  4. Instruct students to write an annotation at the end that allows them to share how their views before match or are different now.


  • Complete this activity as a class. Ask students to share their predictions before you read the article.
  • Once students start observing photographs in this way, it has a tendency to become a habit.
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