Student Revision of Write Responses

This article walks Newsela educators through how to allow students to revise their submitted Write responses. This gives the teacher opportunity to provide meaningful feedback on written work for students, while allowing students the opportunity to absorb the feedback from the teacher and revise their Write response. (It also allows students to resume work on a Write response if they clicked "Submit" too quickly!)

Release responses for revision from the Teacher Binder

  1. From the Teacher Binder, while on the Assignments tab, search for the article you've assigned for which students have completed Write responses.

  2. Click the Blue arrow to expand the Assignment.

  3. Find the student's name.

  4. Click the Three Dots for additional options.

  5. Click Request Write Revision.
  6. Let the student know that they can now go back and revise their Write response.

Release responses for revision from the assigned article page

Note: This only works for assigned articles.

From the Teacher Article Page, you'll see a list of students on the left, with the work that they completed. You can get to this view by going to your Teacher Binder and clicking on title of any article you assigned to your students.

Look for students that have completed the Write response, as indicated by a light blue icon with a pencil in it.

Click the student, and then click the Write tab on the right side of the page.

If you'd like to grade this now, you can do so by selecting a 1, 2, or 3, and then click "Share Score." If you'd like the student to do additional work on this response, you may enter feedback and click "Return for Revision."

The student is then allowed to revise their response. When finished, they'll need to click "Submit Response" again.

You and the student can do this as many times as necessary.

Note: Once you assign the student a score, revision is no longer possible.

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