Fall Reading Clubs

Teachers can use Fall Reading Clubs to encourage reading during holiday breaks or class time in November. You can share this handout with students or parents. Students can join clubs now or at any time in November. Students will receive five article assignments when they join, along with instructions to annotate the articles and find additional related articles for independent reading.

All students can join Fall Reading Clubs by going to the Club Link OR by entering the Club Code on their “Account” page (students access their “Account” page by logging into Newsela and clicking their name in the upper right corner).

 Reading Club

Club Link

Club Code

 Thanksgiving Traditions



 Native Communities






 Giving Back: Elementary*



Teachers can review student activity in Fall Reading Clubs by following these steps

For students with mobile devices: Newsela can also be accessed by downloading the Newsela app from iTunes or from the Google Play store. If students have limited internet access, they can read offline with those apps.

*The Giving Back: Elementary Reading Club will be assigned only Max6 articles, which are selected and leveled for students in grades 2-6.

Thanksgiving Traditions Reading ClubRead about this holiday’s symbols, myths, and history. Sample article: Time Machine (1899): When Thanksgiving was weird

Native Communities Reading ClubRead about the traditions and history of the first Americans. Sample article: In Photos: Celebrating Native American Heritage

Activism Reading ClubRead about people taking action to create change. Sample article: What Gandhi can teach today's protesters

Giving Back (Elementary) Reading ClubRead about people using their skills and ideas to give back to their communities. Sample article: U.S. teen "unstoppable" in fight for girl power in Africa

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