How students use Power Words

What are Power Word activities?

Students can complete Power Word activities in the student workbook panel after reading the article. These activities are intended to be quick, low-stakes questions that provide students with a second exposure to the Power Words, and a chance to practice the words in a new context.

Each article has Power Word activities. There are 3-5 Power Words in each article, so students will practice each word twice in different ways. Upon completing the activities, students will receive points based on the number of activity questions answered correctly. Students can track points in their Word Wall.

What skills will students practice through the Power Word activities?

Students will work on:

  • evaluating examples and non-examples of words
  • analyzing word relationships  
  • drawing new connections between words

Student Homepage with Power Words

Students will always have 3 personalized Power Words articles at the top of their Explore tab. Over time, these articles will adjust to help students work on the words they need most help with.

How do students use the Word Wall?

The Word Wall allows students to review the Power Words they’ve practiced. Words are clickable to reveal their student-friendly definitions.

At the top of the screen is a summary of words practiced, points earned, and the students Power Words Level.

At the top right is a link to the Student’s “Next Power Words article”. Clicking this article gives the student a chance to preview the words they will encounter next.

How do Power Words Points and Levels work?

Power Word points and levels are for fun. We’ve created this basic point system and level structure to help motivate students. Points are earned by getting high scores on Power Words activities:

< 50% correct: 1 point per question
50-60% correct: 10 points
60-70% correct: 15 points
70-80% correct: 25 points
80-90% correct: 35 points
90-99% correct: 45 points
100% correct: 50 points

This point structure is designed to motivate students to get high activity scores rather than reward frequent guesswork. High scores are rewarded with a much higher point score.  

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