Finding articles with Power Words

How do I find articles with Power Words?

There are a few ways for you and your students to find Power Words articles.

For Teachers:

  • Look for the Lightning bolt icon
  • Use the Advanced Search filter
  • Use the Binder Power Words tab

For Students

  • Students will always have 3 personalized Power Words articles at the top of their Homepage Recommendations tab.
  • Students will have a latest Power Words article on their Word Wall.

Lightning bolt icon

Look for the lightning bolt icon. Articles that have the lightning bolt will have Power Word definitions and activities embedded for 5 words at each level.  

Searching for Power Words

We’ve added a new filter for Power Words in advanced search and browse pages. You can find it in the Special Features section of the left panel on search pages.

  1. Click Search Newsela at the top of the page.
  2. Click Advanced Search.
  3. On the left black Advanced Search bar, scroll down, and select the box for Power Words.

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