Newsela Sign-on Methods for Educators and Students

There are a few ways to sign in to Newsela, and schools with Newsela subscriptions select a method for their educators and students to use. If you have questions, please contact us at or contact your school technology coordinator. 

Please note: Newsela does not provide logins for admins, teachers, or students. Schools and districts select one of the methods below.

1. Newsela Username and Password

  • How educators sign in: Educators go to and enter a username and password that they select.
  • How students sign in: Students go to and enter a username and password that they select. 
  • How classes are rostered: Students join classes by entering their teacher's Class Code.

2. Google Sign-on and Google Classroom

  • How educators sign in: Educators go to and click Sign in with Google.
  • How students sign in: Students go to and select Sign in with Google.
  • How classes are rostered: Educators can import Google Classroom rosters by following these steps, or can create classes on Newsela

3. Clever

4. Canvas

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