Featured Teachers

Meet some of our Certified Educators. Learn more about them and how they use Newsela in their classrooms. Try one of the activities they created in conjunction with Newsela articles. 

Elementary Teachers

Andrea Denistoun- 4th grade

Blair Mishleau- Technology

Valerie Nobile- Special Education 4th grade

Kelsey Ray- Library 

Middle School Teachers

Dori Blake - Math

Karie Frauenhoffer - ELA 

Carrell Kalland - Science

Roxanne Samuels - ELA

High School Teachers 

Aaron Axelson - ELA

Elizabeth Enloe - ELA

Kelly Fykes - ESOL

Barbara Kurtz - Spanish

Graceann LaRussa - Reading

Shannon Orosz - ELA

Instructional and Digital Coaches

Ashley Atkinson - ELA Instructional Coach

Kate Gomez - Digital Learning Coach

Kenny McKee - Literacy Coach

Esther Noh - Digital Learning Coach

Technology Specialists

Tammy May - K-12 Technology





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