#NCEChat Recap: Making Digital Literacy Relevant with Newsela

Newsela co-hosts monthly Twitter chats with Newsela Certified Educators using the hashtag #NCEchat. Twitter chats are one way to grow your professional learning network. Educators all sign on at the same time and tweet using a shared hashtag. It is a great way to meet like-minded educators from around the world for future collaboration and professional conversation.

Georgia superstar educator and technology specialist Jaime Vandergrift led our fourth discussion on March 25, focused on how to make digital literacy a part of your classroom routine and a consistent instructional practice.

Below are the questions we asked and some of your answers!


Q1:What routines do you establish in the classroom with technology? #NCEchat


Q2: How do you help other educators see how Newsela fits into their practice and curriculum? #NCEchat


Q3: Why is modeling in our classrooms best practices with Newsela helpful for our colleagues? #NCEchat


Q4: How does Newsela help make learning relevant and connect to students’ worlds? #NCEchat


Q5: How do you plan with Newsela for daily instruction? #NCEchat

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