Kenny McKee

NameKenny McKee

Grade and Subject:  High school literacy coach


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What inspired you to teach?

Amazing teachers that I had when I was younger. They believed in my capability to do more than I saw for myself.

Describe a favorite teaching memory

Every time I hear from a former student about how I helped him or her. One pursued writing after my nudging. Another has become a phenomenal teacher. Another young man who struggled in school is now a musician, who said allowing him to research heavy metal was the coolest inspiration. I am happy to be a contributor to their life stories.

Something I can’t live without is…..


When I'm not teaching I am …...

Watching movies, enjoying the outdoors, or playing with my kids.

Resources Created

1. "Making intertextual connections"

2. "Conversation roundtables"

3. "Understanding causes and effects"


Find him: @kennycmckee

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