Kate Gomez

NameKate Gomez

Grade and Subject:  Digital Learning Coach! I teach a technology class to high school students, but I also support teachers daily with integrating tech tools in their classroom.

Location: Santa Fe High - Santa Fe, New Mexico

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What inspired you to teach?

As a community organizer, I found myself continually trying to alleviate community problems that existed because people didn't have access to an educational system that worked for them. I became convinced (and still am) that for our communities to thrive our educational system has to thrive too! I stepped into the classroom seven years ago to start that change.

Describe a favorite teaching memory

My first year teaching a student came into my class at the end of the day and left a paper bag on my desk for me before running out of the door. When the bag moved I cautiously investigated the contents and found a duckling! The duckling spent the first night in my bathroom and then had an amazing week encouraging my students in the classroom! Nothing like a ball of fluff to shake up the classroom!  

Something I can’t live without is…..

Coffee! But my laptop is a close second, all of my brilliant ideas are stored there. 

When I'm not teaching I am …...

In the woods hiking!  

Resources Created

1. "Understanding background information"

2. "Should humans focus on preventing further climate change?"

3. "Close reading and science"

Find her:  @KateGetsTechie

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