Karie Frauenhoffer

NameKaren Frauenhoffer

Grade and Subject7th Grade ELA 

Location: Southeast Middle- Kernersville, North Carolina

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What inspired you to teach?

Though I had several really amazing teachers, my inspiration to go into teaching stemmed from something more personal. I wanted to be a champion for a student who needs one. 

Describe a favorite teaching memory

I think my favorite teaching memory is my second year of teaching when I turned my classroom into the trenches of World War I! I have never laughed so hard and seen kids so engaged!  

Something I can’t live without is…..

Coffee! I just can't function without it!  

When I'm not teaching I am …...

Keeping my nose buried in a good book or going adventuring with my two sweet dogs! 

Resources Created

1. "Writing about change" Creative writing

2. "Making inferences about history" Paired text activity 

3. "How can you make a positive change in your school?" Project based learning

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