Blair Mishleau

Name: Blair Mishleau

Grade and Subject:  1-4th tech class

Location: Kipp DC Heights Academy- Washington DC

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What inspired you to teach?

I am passionate about expanding access for my kiddos. I also work to bring choice and voice to my students.

Describe a favorite teaching memory

It's the middle of a stressful day. I have been teaching students how to correct spelling mistakes on their own using spell check. After I explain it for what feels like the millionth time, a student puts his hand on my shoulder and says "Mr. Mishleau - calm down. I'm only 7!" It was sage advice.  

Something I can’t live without is…..

Diet Coke, technology gizmos and a MakerSpace for my kiddos!

When I'm not teaching I am …...


Resources Created

1. "For or against: wind, tax credit or drilling?" Persuasive writing

2. "Global warming: what is it?" Online scavenger hunt

3. "Our warming planet: a call to action!" Project based learning 

Find him: @blairtheblur

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