Kelsey Ray

Name: Kelsey Ray

Grade and Subject:  Prek-5th library

Location: Bradfield Elementary- Garland, Texas

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What inspired you to teach?

My love of books inspired me to teach because I wanted to share that passion with my students.

Describe a favorite teaching memory

My favorite teaching moments are when a kid finds a book or a series that excites them. You see their face completely change and they cannot wait to read more.

Something I can’t live without is…..

God, my family, my dogs, and books!

When I am not teaching I am …...

 Reading, playing with my dogs, and working out.

Resources Created

1. "How do actions affect others?" Cause and effect writing 

2. "What if you were Anastasia?" Point of view writing 

3. "What is your opinion about hope?" Four corner debate

Find her:  @readingray

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