Esther Noh

NameEsther Noh

Grade and Subject: Previously an 8th-grade English teacher. Currently, digital learning coach at the district supporting other teachers with digital tools such as Newsela.

Location:Cesar Chavez Middle - Lynwood, California

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What inspired you to teach?

I fully understand how impactful a teacher can be to students through my own experiences with so many great teachers. What inspired me to teach is that a teacher's important role in shaping a productive, responsible, and positive citizen in our society. I believe that students can be very receptive and open-minded about learning when they are in a safe learning environment. 

Describe a favorite teaching memory

In my 8th grade English class, students read several Newsela articles and shared and reflected what they read. For the whole period, my students were talking the whole time. They shared what they read, stated their opinions, argued with different perspectives on a topic, made connections, and asked questions to each others. I vividly remember that day as my favorite teaching memory because the students were highly involved, intellecturely engaged, and deeply motivated to speak. 

Something I can’t live without is…..

Continuous learning and reading. 

When I am not teaching I am …...

A dedicated mother of three having so much fun with them. 

Resources Created

1. "Comparing arguments" Writing skills 

2. "Finding relevant evidence" Lincoln- Douglas debate

3. "Possible solutions to a problem" Group project 

Find her: @enohdc

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