Tammy May

NameTammy May

Grade and SubjectK-12 technology

Location: Hobart Middle School- Hobart, Indiana

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What inspired you to teach?

As an NHS member in high school, I spent time volunteering in a Kindergarten classroom. I enjoyed it so much I decided that was what I wanted to do "when I grew up." 

Describe a favorite teaching memory

For most of my teaching career, I've taught middle school mathematics. I remember one student in particular who really struggled with solving equations. I worked with her until she got it. Later that spring, she was asking me to give her equations to solve in her spare time because she liked it so much! 

Something I can’t live without is…..

Technology and coffee 

When I am not teaching I am …...

Spending time with my children or learning more about some of my favorite topics. 

Resources Created

1. "Taking the perspective of a math teacher" Point of view writing

2. "Supporting opinions" Four corner debate

3. "Girls and math" Evidence with annotations


Find her: @Tammyntm

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