Kelly Fykes

NameKelly Fykes

Grade and Subject:  ESOL Grades 9-12 and Grammar and Writing to 6th grade

Location: St. Edward's School- Vero Beach, FL 

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What inspired you to teach?

I am a second language learner myself so I know how challenging it can be to learn a new language. My ELL(English Language Learners) and international students inspire me to be the best possible teacher I can be. These are kids who are not only learning a new language but also a new culture. They continuously amaze me with their work ethic and determination.  

Describe a favorite teaching memory

My favorite teaching memory is when I had a "mock wedding" with my class. My ELL students were so excited when I got engaged. They all wanted to attend my wedding because they didn't know what a traditional American wedding was like. I decided to turn my engagement and upcoming nuptials into a learning experience and had a "mock wedding" in my classroom. Each student was given a role to perform: bridesmaids, groomsmen, priest, photographers, etc. I even had a student stand in as father of the bride and walk me down the aisle. We reviewed what their duties would entail and what English would be required of them in their roles. I convinced my fiancee to come join the festivities. I wore my mother's wedding dress and borrowed a veil from the librarian. We had cake and flowers. It was a big event. The students loved every minute of it and definitely were able to get a sense of what a traditional American wedding was like. I was very close with the student who served as father of the bride. I will never forget as he walked me down the aisle of my classroom and handed me off to my fiancee how he leaned over to my future husband and said to him in broken English, "You better take care of her, or you I will come after you." I died laughing and thanked my overly protective student for watching out for me.  

Something I can’t live without is…..

Technology in the classroom. I am fortunate enough to teach at a very innovative school that supports technology use. Utilizing technology like Newsela and Google Apps in my class has completely revolutionized my teaching.  

When I'm not teaching I am …...

Enjoying my three beautiful daughters and my husband who takes very good care of me. If I am not busy with my family, I am reading. Typically, I read Young Adult books, so I can make recommendations to my students.  

Resources Created

1. "Making connections between fiction and nonfiction" Writing strategy

2. "Writing from a different perspective" Creative writing

3. "Creating solutions to problems" Project based learning

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