Elizabeth Enloe

NameElizabeth Enloe

Grade and Subject:  9-12 English

Location: Santa Ana High- Santa Ana, California 

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What inspired you to teach?

I am inspired by my students. I love finding ways to help my students love learning as much as I do. 

Describe a favorite teaching memory

My favorite teaching memory is the first time I ran into an old student and they told me how much it meant to be a part of my class. I realized just how meaningful the work is that we do as educators. 

Something I can’t live without is…..

Something to read within reach. 

When I'm not teaching I am …...

Being a mom 

Resources Created

1. "Bias in preschool, racial profiling as adults?"

2. "Taking action"

3. "Examining historical figures from the Civil Rights era"

Find her:  [email protected]

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