Andrea Dennistoun

NameAndrea Dennistoun

Grade and Subject:  4th Grade - Multiple Subject

Location: Inland Leaders Charter School - Yucaipa, California 

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What inspired you to teach?

I worked in the corporate world for 5 years and realized I had abandoned my lifelong desire to help people - after some serious soul searching and seeking advice from others, I realized that my mother had been right all along - I was meant to be a teacher! I was already spending time volunteering with youth in the community and realized that made me happier than anything else I did all day, and this is where I needed to be focusing my career. Every door opened up to make this happen for me at just right time, so there was no denying I was on the right path!  

Describe a favorite teaching memory

How do I pick just one?!? One of my favorite memories happens each year right as the second trimester is ending, report cards are upon us again, and we are gearing up for of the best days of the year, Read Across America day pops up! Every year, I read to my students, "Oh! The Places You'll Go!" and it makes me so emotional to take a few minutes and remind myself in those tired moments, of just how much potential each and every student has and to think of where they will be some day. I can only hope that my efforts are somehow making them better prepared to choose a path of success in their lives.  

Something I can’t live without is…..

My husband and my Yellow Lab! And ice cream. Lots of ice cream.  

When I'm not teaching I am …...

Either hiking with my pup or Crossfitting! (Gotta stay in better shape than my students!) :)  

Resources Created

1. "Is it ok for humans to damage nature?" point of view writing

2. "Geography and human interaction" cause and effect writing 

3. Is it our job as humans to protect nature? Socratic Seminar 

Find her:  @adennistoun

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