Summer Reading Clubs on Newsela


 Click here to download a Summer Reading Club handout for students.

The school year may be ending, but your students can still access Newsela on their own all summer long to keep their reading skills sharp.

The summer 2017 club topics include Youth Activism, Sports, History, and more. Students who join a Summer Reading Club will automatically receive ten assigned articles about the club topic. And students who complete the quizzes for all 10 articles by August 31 will receive a shareable completion certificate at the end of the summer. 


Instructions for Participating in Summer Reading Clubs

Here’s how Summer Reading Clubs work:

  1. Make sure that all students have Newsela accounts. Students who do not yet have Newsela accounts can register by going to and clicking “Join” (students under 13 will need the assistance of a parent or teacher).
  2. Students join a reading clubs by going to the Club Link or entering the Club Code on their settings page. You can find all Club Links and Club Codes below, and students can join more than one club.
  3. When students join a club, they will receive ten articles on the club topic as assignments in the Binder tab of their Newsela accounts. Assignments will appear in students' Binders before the end of May. Students should read all 10 articles before the first day of school. We recommend that you also encourage students to take the quizzes that come with each article to check for understanding.
  4. Students can access Newsela from a home or library computer, or they can access their reading club articles from the iPhone and Android app.

Reading Clubs

Information for Parents

Here’s all you need to share with students and families (or use this PDF handout):

Join one or more of the Newsela Summer Reading Clubs for Summer 2017 by following the Club Link or by entering the Club Code on your settings page (to find your settings page, sign into and click your name in the upper right corner). Students without Newsela accounts can create accounts by going to and clicking “Join.” Newsela can be accessed on an internet browser or by downloading the Newsela app from iTunes or from the Google Play store (if students have limited internet access, they can read offline with those apps). Assignments will appear in students' Newsela Binders before the end of May. Questions about Summer Reading Clubs can be sent to   

  1. Youth Activism Club (Link:, Code: CLUB01)
  2. Sports Club (Link:, Code: CLUB02)
  3. Technology Club (Link:, Code: CLUB03)
  4. Dance Club (Link:, Code: CLUB04)
  5. History Club* (Link:, Code: CLUB05)
  6. Animals Club* (Link:, Code: CLUB06)
  7. Myths and Legends Club (Link:, Code: CLUB07)
  8. Dream Jobs Club (Link:, Code: CLUB08)
  9. Around the World Club (Link:, Code: CLUB09)
  10. Environmental Club (Link:, Code: CLUB10)
  11. Strange but True News Club (Link:, Code: CLUB11)
  12. Media Literacy Club (Link:, Code: CLUB12)

*All articles assigned to the History Club and Animals Club will also be available in Spanish. 

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