Who is Newsela's Most Inspiring Kid in 2017?




The year’s almost over, and if there’s room for just one more lesson, let it be one about the kids who inspire us all. From amazing displays of grit and perseverance to the courageousness of social activism, these kids made the news in 2016-2017. Students will be able to read about the nominees in Newsela’s ‘Most Inspiring Kid’ Text Set and cast their votes in our latest student poll! Students will see the poll when they log in to Newsela starting April 24th - May 2nd

Educators are encouraged to recognize student participation in helping us award the year’s Most Inspiring Kid. We’d love to hear about how your class voted and the discussions sparked by these amazing nominees. Use #mostinspiringkid on Twitter or Instagram (@newsela)!

Who is this year’s Most Inspiring Kid?

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