Taking Action Text Set Guide

For this activity use the Taking Action Text Set

During this project students will be able to answer the question: How are humans responsible for their environment?


As a class, discuss reasons why we are responsible for our environment. Talk through how our behaviors can affect the environment in a positive or negative way. Have students select 3 articles from this Text Set to learn more about how people are taking actions. They should highlight each article with different positive impacts humans are making. With the annotation tool they should create a summary of the article.

Then, have students get into groups and discuss the articles they read and the different ways that people are taking action to care for the environment. They should create one group list with all of the different actions.


Students will use these ideas to help create an action plan for how they can better their environment. Students can consider the following information when creating their plans, however, they aren’t restricted to the list:

- How would this plan help the environment?

- List the steps to take action

- Where will this plan be implemented? In your school? Community? World wide?

- What resources are needed?

- How much time would it take to implement?

Students should gather their information and create a presentation to convey their plan to the rest of the class.

Reflection and Evaluation

After each group has presented their plan, have the class vote for which plan they would like to work on as a class. Then try implementing this plan as a class.

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