Inspiring People Text Set Guide

Use these activities with the Inspiring People Text Set

Activity 1: Writing an opinion piece


Pose this question to your students: "Why is advocating for our planet important?”

Have students think about 5 ways to respond to the question. They can either develop five reasons that advocating is important or five reasons that advocating is not important.

Have them write it down on a separate sheet of paper. You may also choose to have students search this Text Set to gather other reasons. Then have students look at their list and narrow it down to the most important reason. This will be their topic for the opinion piece.

Brainstorm together what should be included in the opinion piece. Here are some suggestions:

- Begin with an attention-grabbing introduction

- State your opinion

- Give 2 reasons and examples to show your opinion.

- Organize your writing in paragraphs

- Concluding sentence

Student directions

You will create an opinion piece that answers the sentence: Advocating for the planet is important because.."

Step 1: Brainstorm answers to the prompt. (We will do this as a class)

Step 2: Narrow down your list to one topic. This will be your claim.

Step 3: Look on Newsela to find at least two articles that can serve as evidence for your claim. Use this google doc to plan out your points.

Step 4: Draft your opinion piece using the format we discussed as a class.

Step 5: Work with your writing partner to share pieces and give feedback.

Step 6: Revise your writing.

Step 7: Publish your wiring on a separate google doc.


Activity 2: Write a biography about a person

Students will analyze the biographies within this Text Set that feature people who are advocating for our planet.

Student Directions

Add these instructions to the PRO assign box:

- How would you describe the person in this biography?

- What did she or he advocate for the environment?

- How do you think environmental protection would be different without this women's contributions?


Ask students, "Who do you think should be added to this Text Set?  Research other people by looking through the library. Whom would you add and why?

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