How does climate change affect me? Text Set Guide

Use the Climate Change Text Set for the activity below. 

Teacher mini-lesson

Ask students to name and locate the different regions of the United States on a map. You may want to start with the region you live in. You may also want to show them this map that clearly outlines the different regions. Tell students that although all of the regions are located in the United States, they all have different characteristics when it comes to climate change.

Split students into five groups and assign each of them a region to research. You can have students select an article that aligns with their region from this Text Set or assign them a specific article to start. Below are some suggestions for each region:

- Northeast

- West

- Southeast

- Midwest

- Southwest 

Student directions

Students will read the article assigned to their group and highlight information within the text that shows:

  • Characteristics of the region
  • How their region has been affected by climate change.

Then have students create a map that showcases the information the learned. They can use National Geographic map maker to create the map.


Using the research from each group, create a class map. Discuss the different characteristics in each region.

- Are there any similarities within the regions? Differences?

- What do you think might cause the different weather patterns?

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