FAQ - Newsela PRO Summer Reading

Newsela is a great resource for independent or assigned summer reading. On this page, you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions about using Newsela during the summer. As always, if you have further questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]!  

Q: How do students access Newsela during the summer?

A: Students access Newsela during the summer in the same way they did during the school year, by entering a username and password OR by using one of our Single Sign-On options (Google or Clever). New students can sign up by going to Newsela.com and clicking Join.

Q: Can students without Newsela accounts sign up during the summer?

A: Yes! Students can sign up for a Newsela account during the summer by going to Newsela.com and clicking Join. Students over 13 will be able to sign up independently. Students under 13 will need assistance from a parent or teacher (they will be prompted to enter a Class Code when signing up, and Class Codes can be created by parents and teachers).

Q: Do students need to be in classes to access Newsela? If teachers delete classes at the end of the school year, will student lose access?

A: Students do not need to be in classes to access Newsela, and deleting classes will not affect student access. However, students under 13 will need to join a class when signing in to Newsela for the first time. 

Q: Can teachers access Newsela over the summer?

A: Yes! Teacher access to Newsela is the same year-round. Teachers can create new classes at any time, so a summer school teacher could create classes just for summer school, or a teacher could create a class for incoming students for assigning summer reading.

Q: How will teachers and administrators view students’ summer reading on Newsela?

A: Teachers can view all student work in the PRO Binder for students who are currently in their Newsela classes. This includes past and present work, as well as independent and assigned work. As soon as your incoming students join your Newsela class in the fall, you will be able to view their past work in the PRO Binder. If you want to follow summer progress for your outgoing students, you will be able to do so until you delete the class. You can use the binder date filter to view only summer reading.  

At the School Binder level, administrators can view student progress for all students who are currently in classes in their school.

Q: Can parents make Newsela accounts?

A: Yes! Parents can create accounts by going to Newsela.com and clicking Join. They can assign articles and have students join their class on Newsela. Parents can use this guide to get started.

Q: Does Newsela publish new articles during the summer?

A: Yes, although we publish fewer articles than we do during the school year. Students can read the new articles, or pick from over 4,000 other articles available to them.

Q: I’m teaching summer school at a school that is not the school I teach at during the rest of the year. Which school should I select when signing up for Newsela?

A: Summer school teachers should sign up at the school they teach at during the school year.

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