Program 3: Newsela Summer Goals

Students will work towards goals to read a certain number of articles on Newsela during the summer. Newsela suggests setting the goal of 3 articles per week.

How to Use Program 3: Newsela Summer Goals

  1. Make sure that all students have Newsela accounts. Students who do not yet have Newsela accounts can register by going to and clicking “Join” (students under 13 will need the assistance of a parent or teacher).
  2. Set a goal for all students for summer reading (Suggested goal: 3 articles per week) or have students set their own goals using this Goal Setting Sheet.
  3. Students can select articles to meet their goals based on their interests. Students can explore over 4000 articles by using key terms and categories.
  4. Students and parents can track progress towards goals in the Binder. To share this information with students and parents, add this explanation to your summer reading letter or information page (modify as needed):

For summer reading, our school is using, an online reading platform with high-interest nonfiction articles at multiple reading levels. Newsela can be accessed on an internet browser or by downloading the Newsela app from iTunes or from the Google Play store (if students have limited internet access, they can read offline with those apps). Students who do not already have Newsela accounts can sign up by going to and clicking “Join” (students under 13 will need the assistance of a parent or teacher).

Students should set a summer goal of reading 3 articles per week on Newsela during the summer. Students can keep track of how many articles they have read so far on the Binder page in their Newsela account. Teachers will check student progress at the end of the summer.

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