Program 5: Newsela for Summer School

Summer school teachers enroll students in Newsela classes. Your school’s Educator Specialist can work with staff to integrate Newsela into summer school curriculum.

How to Use Program 5: Newsela for Summer School

  1. Send a description of your summer school curriculum (for any grades and content areas) to with the subject line “PRO Summer Reading.” Your school’s Educator Specialist will create Text Sets of articles to provide all nonfiction reading needed for the curriculum.
  2. Follow these instructions (or share with teachers) for creating and enrolling students in summer school classes (summer school teachers who do not already have Newsela accounts can create them by going to and clicking "Join"):
  3. Recommend that teachers assign students at least two articles a week. Summer school teachers can track progress and view student reading information from the past year in the Binder.
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