Canvas Integration Instructions

Newsela now integrates with Canvas! To turn this on for your school or district, please have your IT admin follow these steps to activate Newsela within Canvas:


  • If you are currently using a different rostering solution with Newsela, for example Google Classrooms or Clever, please reach out to [email protected], before installing Canvas and we can help you find the best solution for your school or district. 
  • It is very important teachers do not appear on Canvas rosters as students. Importing teachers in this manner will limit their ability to access teacher functionality. 


  1. Login to your Canvas administrative account.
  2. From the Account section in Canvas, generate a new access token (instructions here). Feel free to leave the expiration date blank.
  3. From Newsela’s eduappcenter listing, generate a key and secret for your organization.
  4. From the Admin section in Canvas, add the Newsela app to your organization (instructions here).
    1. Select By URL as the Configuration Type
    2. Consumer Key and Shared Secret were generated in step 3
    3. The configuration URL can be found in the “Configuration URL” field in the eduappcenter listing.
  1. You’re done!


Your teachers and students should now:

    • See a Newsela link in the left-hand navigation in Canvas
    • Get automatically logged into Newsela when they click that link, using Canvas for single sign-on (SSO)
    • Have rostering information synced to Newsela

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