Newsela for Android FAQ

The Newsela for Android app allows you to take your Newsela browser experience to any Android device. The app has been designed for you to search our news and nonfiction content for articles and quizzes at your just right reading level. New articles are synced daily via your device’s WiFi or cellular network. The Newsela for Android app also makes access easier than ever since you can now view articles and take assessments offline.

Available in the Google Play Store. Below, read some frequently asked questions.

Where can I find the Android app?

You can download the app for free from the Google Play Store on any of your Android devices.

What devices will the app work on?

The Newsela app is compatible with Android-powered devices.

Who can use the app?

The app is designed for Students, but many functions are available to teachers and parents. If you already have a Newsela account, just sign in using your existing account. Any new user can create an account right in the app.  

What features are available on the app?

All users can access our library of articles, including the new articles added daily. Students can adjust the reading level of the article, take quizzes, submit Write responses, and view their progress. If you’re a teacher, you can read and assign articles, view quizzes, edit Write prompts. PRO Binder and Annotations functionality is supported through an in-app browser.

Does student work on the app sync with the browser version?

Student work will sync automatically as soon as you have internet access on your Android device.

Can the app run offline?

The app can run offline. All users will be able to read articles and students and learners will be able to complete assessments. When the device comes back online it will fetch the latest news articles and submit any work that was completed online.

My student uses the Newsela app. How do I add them to my class?

Students should go to their Binder and select the “Join class” button in top right corner. There they can enter a teacher’s class code. As a teacher, you can view your class codes in the “Classes” tab of the Settings menu on

How are the apps different from the website?

The mobile apps offer many of the same features as the website, but in a customized view specifically designed for tablets and phones. Some functionality is limited on mobile. We’ve noted these differences below.

What can you do:

  • Reading and Searching
    • Browse, Filter, Search, Read, Like, Share, Change Font Size, and Change Levels on 4000+ News and Library articles, including Spanish.
    • Browse, Search, or Like 600+ Newsela Text Sets
  • Creating accounts
    • Create account or Sign-in with Newsela or Google account
  • Students actions:
    • Take quizzes
    • Submit Write responses
    • Annotate (limited functionality)
    • View the Binder with quiz summary, classes, assignments, independent reading, and the ability to join a class
  • Teachers actions:
    • View quiz answers
    • Edit the Write prompt
    • Create assignments
    • Review or create annotations (limited functionality)
    • View the Binder with the ability to add a class, view prior assignments, and see binder details (with limited functionality)
  • App customization
    • Receive and customize Notification settings
    • View and change settings
    • Send us Feedback

What can’t you do:

  • View Pro Assign instructions
  • The teacher review page and Binder are visible but not optimized for the mobile experience. We recommend using the Binder on the website.

How is the Android app different from the iOS app?

Most functionality is identical. There are a few minor differences:

  • The iOS Student Binder has more detail for students. They can view quiz scores and Write grades directly in the app.
  • The iOS app features a quick 2 finger up and down gesture to change levels. The Android app uses a side-to-side gesture for level changing.
  • The Android app has limited functionality for viewing details the Teacher Binder. The iOS does not show this level of detail in the Teacher Binder.
  • The Android App allows you to change text size directly on the article screen. iOS supports dynamic text through Settings.

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