Newsela for Librarians, Media Specialists, and more

Reading happens across the curriculum, both inside and outside of school, as well as across the curriculum. As an educator who might see students for only a brief period of time each week, your time is precious.

Newsela is here to help. As long as your students have access to devices, you can get them started on Newsela, so they can start exploring high-interest, engaging nonfiction, all at their own reading level. Students can continue to work on Newsela in other classes.

PROtip: Add the Newsela logo to your school's website, so all educators know that it is a resource. You can use the image attached below.

Why register students?

Because you see many students over the course of a semester, you are in a unique position to set up students using Newsela across your school.

After setting up students, you will be able to…

  • Encourage school-wide reading goals
  • Foster student digital literacy
  • Promote student choice through reading clubs
  • Set your students up for reading over school breaks and the summer
  • Allow teachers who share the students to see students’ reading progress—all across the school

Getting started

1. Make sure you have a Newsela account. If not, create one at
2. Create classes.

    • Decide the best format for your school, students, and teacher.
    • We recommend creating grade-wide classes, for simplicity. 
    • (Note: If grades have hundreds of students in your school, you might want to break them down into smaller sections.)

3. Host a Newsela sign-up day to allow your students to join your class.

    • Note: There is no limit to the number of classes a student can be in.
    • If every student has a computer, this can happen in the span of one period. If not, you might do this over multiple periods.
    • If your school is a Google Apps for Education school, we strongly recommend students use Google when signing into Newsela. The same applies for other Single Sign On providers, like Clever.

Ideas for Implementing Newsela

  1. Newsela works in a variety of settings with different technology. Check out this guide for more information: Varied technology guides to using Newsela
  2. Create a school-wide reading challenge.
    • Set a goal: How many articles will your students read over the break? Over a month's time? 
    • Challenge your students: Which grade or class can read the most articles over a given time period? You'll see all their progress on Newsela.
  3. Help students hone their research skills
    • If a grade or class is studying a particular unit, what articles on Newsela can they find to support their research?
    • You can assign articles or you can give have students search key words on Newsela.
  4. Have students join a Newsela reading club. Or create your own!
    • Reading Clubs are Newsela classes hosted by Newsela Educator Specialists. All students can join these clubs in the same way that they join a teacher's class, and they will immediately receive the club article assignments.
    • Create a thematic reading club based on high-interest topics. You might also create research-focused clubs to encourage students to read deeply on a topic. (PROtip: Reading clubs are Newsela classes organized around a theme. Students may be more willing to join a Club versus a Class.)

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