Two articles per week

To make the most out of Newsela PRO, students should complete two assigned articles every week. This will allow students to read and engage with the world more, while improving their own reading skills.

Weekly Routine

Every week, students should read (at least) two articles and take the associated quizzes. Get into this routine early.

2 Quizzes

One quiz
Completed in class

One quiz either in
class or at home

Select at least one

  • Annotations
  • Written Response
  • Annotations
  • Written Response 

Empower Student Choice

Students can always read articles and complete quizzes, written responses, and annotations independently. You might tell students that every Friday, they must read a Newsela article independently. The results will be visible in the student's independent work.

Not only does this allow students more choice in what they're reading, but you as the educator can glean insight into the content that most interest students. (If multiple students read one article, you might assign a similar article the following week.)

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