Evidence Detectives Reading Club (Students can join now!)

What is the Evidence Detectives Club?

Student Reading Clubs are Newsela classes hosted by Newsela Educator Specialists. This reading club will give students extra practice in identifying important evidence.

As soon as students join, they will be assigned the nine articles in the “What the Text Says” text set. Each article will be accompanied by instructions to take the quiz and practice a specific close reading strategy through annotating, and a fun brain teaser at the end of the article. As a PRO educator, you can view student progress and read student annotations for the clubs in your binder (more details on viewing progress here).

How can students join?

If your students already have Newsela accounts, have them sign in and join using the Class Code or Class Link. More detailed instructions here.

If your students don't have Newsela accounts, just have them go to Newsela, click Sign up, select Yes when asked Are you joining a teacher's class? and then enter the Class Code.

How do the club assignments work?

As soon as your students join the club, they will see all nine articles in the “What the Text Says” text set as assignments in their binder. They can complete the articles in any order, over any period of time. We suggest asking students to complete all articles within three weeks.

All of these articles have quizzes that cover Reading Skill 1 (What the Text Says) and Reading Skill 7 (Multimedia).

Each article will be accompanied by annotation instructions with one of these strategies:

  • Highlight BIG ideas in GREEN and SPECIFIC details in RED. (Big ideas are themes or central ideas the author is trying to convey. Specific details are examples or facts that support the big idea.) Add annotations to the details explaining what they show about the big ideas.
  • Highlight three important details in the article in RED, and add  annotations with numbers next to them: #1 for most important, #3 for least important. In an annotation next to detail #2, answer these questions: What idea does the detail prove or show? Why is it more important than #3? Why is it less important than #1?
  • Pretend that you need to explain the article to a student who is much younger than you. In an annotation at the end of the article, write your explanation of the main idea. Why is this idea important? Describe one detail that illustrates the main idea.

To keep students engaged and practicing their evidence detective skills, there will be a fun brain teaser related to the article at the end of each assignment.

Have questions or feedback? Please let us know at community@newsela.com. We'd love to hear your ideas for how these clubs can best support the learning of your students!

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