Teaching Toolkit Overview


Testing can evoke anxiety for educators, their students, and families.

Each week starting in March, we will bring you two new text sets to use in your classroom to help your students master the skills to feel confident and be their best selves on this year’s test.

One of these text sets will be designed around one reading skill in particular. The other text set will be designed around a topic and will come with paired text paragraph prompts and performance tasks to help your students practice and build up confidence.

 The Reading Strategy text sets all contain articles with a quiz that has questions related to that reading strategy. 

      • The articles are arranged by rows so you can help scaffold an experience with different levels of rigor.
      • The articles in the first row will warm-up students with fun and slightly less rigorous topics.
      • The articles in the second row will present a challenge.
      • The articles in the third row will be a nice note to end on.


  • The Writing Performance Task text sets have writing prompts that will push your students to think across multiple texts that are related to a similar topic.
  • The Teaching Toolkit Tips are tips for specific reading strategies and habits for your students to practice as they read.
  • Demonstrate how to do the tip. Set goals with students for the quiz assignments.
  • Then, have them practice in partners or small groups. Celebrate their use of the teaching tips. Also, track progress along the way.
  • Help them build the habit by practicing the tip on their own. Celebrate when students are using their teaching tips on their own to understand the article. Track their progress toward the goals you set.


    • Finally, celebrate their growth and success!

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