Reading Challenges

National Reading Drive

As a part of the A Mile In Our Shoes program, Newsela will partner with Donors Choose and fund projects related to diversity and inclusion. The more students read, the more projects Newsela will fund. For every 3 million articles completed nationally, we’ll unlock a donation for Donors Choose.

We will count an article as “completed” when a student submits the article's quiz. Quizzes for articles that are included in the A Mile In Our Shoes Text Sets will be worth twice as much as quizzes for other Newsela articles. Each submitted quiz from these program Text Sets will be counted as two articles completed.

Follow our national reading drive progress here.

Local Reading Challenges

In addition to our national reading goal to drive Donors Choose donations, we’ll also conduct local reading challenges. For these location-based challenges, specific schools will eligible to compete to for school-wide incentives. We’re adding different contests and prizes on an ongoing basis, so keep an eye on your email inbox for notification that a challenge is happening in your area.

Students will earn points by taking quizzes on Newsela. Here's how the scoring works:

  • Students will earn 1 point for each quiz taken on Newsela
  • Students will also earn 1 additional point for each correct quiz answer
  • Students will receive 2 points for taking a quiz from any of the articles in the A Mile In Our Shoes Text Sets and for every correct answer in this text set
  • (Established 4/17/2017) Teachers will earn 5 points for every student they invite to a Newsela class.

We’ve partnered with NBA teams to bring some competition to the A Mile In Our Shoes program. If you live in one of the following areas, your school may be included in a local reading challenge! Each challenge comes with its own set of prizes to help get your students excited.

We've also partnered with the cast members of the National Tour of HAMILTON to bring Bay Area schools another exclusive Reading Challenge

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