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Here you’ll find everything you need to bring A Mile In Our Shoes applications into the classroom. Browse below for program-specific content extensions, PRO teacher resources, partner webinars, and more.

Teaching with A Mile In Our Shoes

Teaching with A Mile in Our Shoes content means facilitating conversations in your classrooms that can support your students in understanding multiple perspectives and building empathy. The tips below can help you get started.

  • Build a foundation for dialogue by reading articles in this set early on: A Mile In Our Shoes Supporting Articles
  • Select a Text Set to explore with your students based on student interest, curriculum connections, or current events—and use the discussion questions that come with each Text Set to spark meaningful conversations   
  • Look for articles with PRO Teacher Resources for strategies to incorporate the Text Set discussion questions into your instruction
  • Look for articles with “Empathy Annotations” to get your students thinking even more about the concepts of identity, diversity, justice, and action
  • Tune in to our webinars happening during February and March for strategies to discuss these materials with your students
  • Learn from the best! Read this Q&A with Hoyt J. Phillips III and Adrienne van der Valk from Teaching Tolerance where they address building empathy in the classroom. 

Building Empathy in Classrooms: A Partner Webinar With Teaching Tolerance

Join us for a conversation with Teaching Tolerance to discuss how to use our resources together to build empathy in the classroom. In this webinar, we'll share how you can use Teaching Tolerance’s Teaching the Movement resources and Newsela’s A Mile In Our Shoes Text Sets to promote inclusivity and understanding. Educators will gain the tools to foster rich discussions to promote identity, diversity, justice, and action within and beyond their classrooms.

                                                 Webinar Recording

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