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Using the A Mile In Our Shoes Text Sets

With the goal of sharing stories and building empathy, we’ve compiled these A Mile In Our Shoes Text Sets to share some of the experiences, challenges, and accomplishments of a wide range of communities in America and abroad. Pick and choose the articles and Text Sets that will be most meaningful for your students, or let them choose themselves. 



Groundbreaking Women


Latino & Latina Americans


American Muslims

Native Americans

People In Slavery

People With Disabilities


Rural Americans


Navigate to the A Mile In Our Shoes Text Sets from the Text Sets dropdown menu on your Newsela homepage.

Discussion Questions

Included with each Text Set is a series of discussion questions around identity, diversity, justice, and action. These domains are based on the Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards. You can choose which questions and the associated domain that best suit your classroom needs.

  • Identity: What do these stories show about the experience of being [GROUP]? What other words might the individuals here use to describe themselves? What experiences do you share with individuals in this collection?
  • Diversity: How are the individuals in this collection different from each other? What successes and challenges are unique to people in this group? What perspectives are missing from this collection?
  • Justice: What are some challenges that affect this group that others might have a hard time understanding? What do you think others can do to understand the challenges these individuals face? What are some assumptions that people might make about individuals who identify with this group? How might stereotypes hurt individuals who identify with this group?
  • Action: What can communities do to support individuals in this group and prevent unfair treatment? What can you do?

Chosen Perspectives

We recognize that Newsela’s A Mile In Our Shoes content does not come close to representing every person, every group, or every experience. This program provides a small sample of the many narratives that exist, and our work to provide students and teachers with diverse perspectives is ongoing. We also know that talking about identity in your classroom can bring up some challenging but important questions. Use the articles in the A Mile In Our Shoes: Supporting Articles Text Set to help your students explore some big ideas related to identity. You might consider how "intersectional" identities affect a person's experience, or how implicit bias affects our everyday decisions.

If you have a suggestion for a perspective that is missing, we welcome your feedback at

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