How to Teach...Immigration

Looking for a place to start when teaching immigration? Lately, the topic of immigration has been at the forefront of current events and conversations. Use these articles and resources to teach your students how immigration is interwoven throughout the history of the United States. This collection of articles and relevant resources can help your teach your students background knowledge of immigration, historical events and references all the way up to current events.

Below, find a collection of articles with connected PRO teacher resources underneath. Click on each article name to go directly to the article page. Any connection PRO teacher resources will be listed underneath the article name and on the article page.

Building Background Knowledge

Issue Overview: Immigration Reform

Teacher Resource: Have students complete an anticipation guide to learn more about what they know about immigration and immigration reform. After reading the article, have them complete the anticipation guide again and assess the differences between their answers pre and post read.

Time Machine (1892): The First Immigrants Arrive at Ellis Island

This article can be used to give students background knowledge about the first immigrants that came to the United States. Have students look at the text features to gain a more comprehensive overview of the topic.

Issue Overview: Skilled Immigrants

Introduce this article to allow students to see the role that immigrants play in our workforce. Have students look at the infographic to view the amount of people by country that receive visas.

Historical Events

Chinese Exclusion Act

This article can serve both as a text to learn more about the Chinese Exclusion Act and as a way to gather stories from those impacted by this. Have students pay attention to the personal stories included.

U.S. Senate Passes Bill to Reform Immigration

In 2013, a bill was proposed to change the way immigrants receive citizenship. Have students make connections between this proposed bill and changes made today.

Present Day Connections

PRO/CON: Should U.S. Stop Syrian Refugees From Coming In?

Teacher Resource: Use this article to help students think about the question: “How should countries treat refugees?” Students will then craft a paragraph based on a particular person and point of view.

Workers, Strivers, Huddled Masses: Immigration in America

Teacher Resource: Students will analyze the article by looking at key statistics and forming a story being what they numbers tell us about recent and past immigration patterns.

Campaign talk turns into action as Trump signs papers for border wall

Teacher Resource: Have a whole group discussion on current immigration reform policies. Use these questions:

  • Why is it important to identify and understand different viewpoints of an issue or topic?
  • Which parts of the original article did you agree or disagree with?
  • What are some techniques you can try for interacting with someone who has a different opinion or view then yours?

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