Black History Month Reading Clubs (2/1-2/28)

Student Reading Clubs are Newsela classes hosted by Newsela Educator Specialists. Any student can join by entering the Class Code. As a PRO educator, you can view student progress and read student responses for the clubs in your binder (more details on viewing progress here).    

How can students join?

If your students already have Newsela accounts, have them sign in and join using the Class Code or Class Link. More detailed instructions here.

If your students don't have Newsela accounts, just have them go to Newsela, click Sign up, select Yes when asked Are you joining a teacher's class? and then enter the Class Code.

Black History Month Reading Club - Elementary School

Black History Month Reading Club - Middle School

Black History Month Reading Club - High School

What will students learn? 

In the Black History Month Reading Clubs, students will explore topics in black history while practicing their reading and writing skills. Students can join an elementary (grades 3-5), middle (grades 6-8), or high school (grades 9-12) club. Each club will guide students through a series of 8 articles with annotation instructions designed to encourage close reading and creative reflection for students in the club grade range. Students will be assigned articles, along with annotation instructions, on Monday and Wednesday mornings throughout the month.   

The Black History Month Reading Clubs aim to help students learn about a few of the many achievements and challenges in black history while building their literacy skills. To encourage students to make their own connections, we’ll include articles about the past and the present, and about well-known and lesser-known stories.

Reading skills these clubs will focus on: What the Text Says and Central Idea

When will articles be assigned?

Articles will be assigned on Monday and Wednesday mornings from Wednesday, Feb. 1st to Tuesday, Feb. 28th. A total of 8 articles will be assigned to each club. (Students who join the club after Feb. 1st will receive all articles that have been assigned so far, and will continue receiving articles as they are assigned.)

Sample assignment: 

For the article Digging back in time for the untold stories of free black Americans, students will receive these instructions:

In this article for the Black History Month Reading Club, we’re reading about a place called The Hill.

  1. As you read, highlight three facts in blue that make you curious. In annotations, write a sentence about why each fact made you curious.
  2. Take the quiz!
  3. Imagine that you are one of the people living on The Hill in 1790. Next to one of the facts you highlighted, add an annotation with a diary entry describing a day in your life. Try to use that fact in your diary entry!  


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