What if he were alive today? Text Set Guide

For this activity use the What If He Were Alive Today? Text Set

Independent Reading

Assign Kings speech, “I Have a Dream.” Using PRO assign add the following directions, "Read the article and think about these questions. You may choose to highlight these answers using your annotation tool.

- What issues is King's speech addressing?

-What technique is King using to appeal to his audience? How does he convey his message?"

Class Discussion

Have your students share out their findings to the questions listed above. Then start a discussion about current civil rights seen in todays society which can include race relations, immigration and transgender rights. Pose this question to your students, "How do you think King would react to the civil rights issues seen today?" Elicit initial thoughts.

Group Work

Students will explore a current civil rights issue in group. Assign each group an issue from this Text Set. Write out the issue on a big sheet of paper. Have students select article from the Text Set that relate to their issue. While reading them over with their group have them reflect upon these questions:

- How is this issue similar or different from the issue King addressed in his "I have a dream" speech?

- What would he say about this issue? Use evidence from his speech to support your answer.

- How would King's message be perceived today in context of this civil rights issue if the speech was given today?

They should write their responses on the big sheet of paper and hang it up in the classroom. Tell students that their responses will serve as a way to teach other in the class about their issue, so they should make their responses thorough.

With their groups, they will rotate to each paper and read through the responses. They should take notes by using this recording sheet. Students will continue to rotate through each station until they answered all of the questions.


Pose this question: "What if King gave a speech about one of the issues today? What would he say? Have students pick one of the issues from the Text Set and have them write the opening 100 words of the speech.

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