Measuring Success with Mid-Year Benchmarks Toolkit

Happy New Year to all! The halfway point in the school year is the perfect time to reflect on past classroom practices and chart a way forward to support students in reaching their year-end goals. This Mid-Year Benchmark Toolkit is a collection of resources to get you and your ready to use Newsela to meet those goals and celebrate success.

  • Student Toolkit - Newsela’s Student Toolkit contains resources to help students register and master features that develop close reading and comprehension skills.
  • Text Sets Toolkit - Newsela's Text Set Toolkit introduces educators to this powerful feature that is available to all users. Teachers will learn how to develop strong curriculum connections by curating collections of Newsela articles in their own Text Sets.
  • Write Toolkit - Newsela's Write Toolkit is a compilation of resources that will help you use Write as an engaging assessment tool for your classroom.
  • Debate Organization Sheet - This a graphic organizer that may be used with PRO Teacher Resources to support argumentative writing. With this resource, students will engage in meaningful discussions in the form of debates and engaging writing activities to meet their goals for writing.
  • Data Conferences with Students - The purpose of this item is to help guide you through conversations with different students as you look at their reading profiles in Newsela.



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