Writing Prompts

All articles have Newsela writing prompts that students can respond to in the activities panel. Teachers can create their own writing prompts by following these steps:

  1. On an article, open the Activities panel by clicking on the Teach this Panel box to the right of the page

  2. Scroll down and click View/Edit Write Prompt

  3. Click Edit to revise the current write prompt 

    1. You can also click Refresh below it to generate a pre-written promp

  4. Click Save. 

  5. Click Create Assignment to send the article to your students. They will be able to submit their writing responses by completing the Write activity. 

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  6. Writing prompt responses can be viewed from the Assignments page. Select an assignment to view all articles within the assignment. Students who have completed a writing response will have a "Score Now" in the "ELA Write Prompt" column. You can select a student's name from this page to bring up individual student activity data. If a student has not yet completed their writing response then a dash will be shown under that column.

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