WCAG AA Compliance

Newsela is committed to ensuring that all students can access content on our platform and that we deliver instructional materials that truly benefit every student. Newsela’s student experience is fully compliant with the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA. This certification ensures significant supports for students with disabilities, so that that they can:

  • fully navigate Newsela using a keyboard 

  • access the information on Newsela with updated colors to meet color contrast standards, and alternative text on every image, including all article photos, illustrations, graphs, and charts

  • understand the information on the site with consistent elements and simple language

  • use assistive technology to access content on Newsela with screen reader-friendly labels 

Here is a list of some of the ways the Newsela student experience meets AA compliance standards, based on the four key accessibility guidelines. Websites must be perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust (or able to work with assistive technology like screen readers). 


Users on Newsela can access the information on the site with alternative text added to every image and updated colors to meet color contrast standards.

  • Alternative text is featured on every image on the site, including all article photos, illustrations, graphs and charts.

  • Colors for headings, menu titles, article cards, footer links, and all other  elements across the site meet color contrast standards.

  • Power Words activities and quizzes display the words “correct answer” or “incorrect answer” to convey information. These labels can also be  read by a screen reader.

  • Search filters remain visible and usable when the page is zoomed in up to 200%.


Newsela is fully operable with a keyboard and screenreader, ensuring everyone can navigate the information on the site. 

  • Student activities (quiz, Write, Power Words activities) can be fully navigated and completed using a keyboard.

  • Lexile level can be changed using a keyboard.

  • Power Words in the article can be navigated through with a keyboard.

  • Sign In / Sign Up experience can be navigated using a keyboard.

  • Student homepage and assignments can be navigated using a keyboard.

  • Student Binder and Word Wall can be navigated using a keyboard.


Everyone can understand the information on the site by creating consistent elements and simple language.

  • Permanent, visible labels to elements across the site. 

  • Article cards include most relevant details for students, with a clear hierarchy of important information.

  • All interactive elements like buttons, links and menus are labeled with the name of the element.


Content is robust and functions with the tools people may need to use in order to access the site with assistive technology.

  • Labels across the student experience are screen reader-friendly, including search, the article page, and activities.