Using Schoology for Teachers

Teachers can sign in and create assignments with the Newsela + Schoology integration.

Signing in 

  1. Sign into Schoology.

  2. Open a currently active class in Schoology.

  3. Click the Newsela link in the course navigation menu on the left side of the screen to open Newsela.

  4. The first time you log in, Newsela will give you the opportunity to merge accounts

    created on Newsela with an old email address or through another integration.

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Syncing your Classes

  1. In Newsela, go to your Class Directory by clicking your initials in the upper right-hand corner, clicking settings, and selecting the Class directory from the settings menu.

  2. Click Sync with Schoology.

  3. The Schoology course that you used to access Newsela will be synced from Schoology

If you do not see the sync button, your classes are automatically rostering with Newsela. Please reach out to your admin if you do not see your classes

Rostering your Students

Students will appear in your class on Newsela once they log in. Students should follow these steps to access your classroom in Newsela: 

  1. Log into Schoology.

  2. In Schoology, open your class. At the bottom of the left hand sidebar, click on Newsela. 

  3. Newsela will open in a new window.

  4. Once you have clicked on the Newsela icon in Schoology, you will be added to that classroom roster in Newsela.

To view your students in your Schoology classes in Newsela, follow these steps:

  • From your Newsela homepage, go to your Students page by clicking your name in the upper right-hand corner and selecting the Students tab from the settings menu.  

  • You’ll see a list of your students.

  • Students who are missing from the roster will be added once they log into Newsela from your Schoology course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my linked classes all import?

  • If you use linked classes in Schoology, only the top level course will sync from Schoology. You can learn more about using linked classes, and unliking them, in Schoology's How to Use Linked Classes article.

How do I add my co-teacher?

  • Co-teachers will need to be added in Schoology to be added as co-teachers in Newsela. Please contact your Schoology admin or follow the directions here to add co-teachers to courses in Schoology. 

How do I use Newsela on a mobile device?

  • If a user wants to take advantage of the integration on mobile devices, the user needs to launch Schoology from the mobile device web browser and launch Newsela in the mobile browser. This is very typical behavior for LMS to partner app integrations.

Why are students missing from my roster?

  • Students from your imported Schoology courses will not be listed in your Newsela classes until their first login. They will automatically connect with that class when they log in.

Newsela content can be searched and added into Schoology assignments directly from that assignment. When you select content from within Schoology, your students will be linked to independent reading within Newsela. This feature must be enabled by a district system administrator.

Schoology teachers can find and add a Newsela link within the sequence of instruction in a Schoology course by creating a Newsela material type.

  1. Click "Add Materials" and create a Newsela material type

  2. Enter a search term to Search for content

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  3. Click any filter option to Filter search results

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  4. Click a card to Preview article content and activities.

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  5. Click “Close” to return to the search results.

  6. Click “Add” to add a link to Newsela content into the assignment or course from the browse or search results page.

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  7. Once you’ve successfully embedded an article link, it will appear in the list of instructional materials for the course, like the first object in the screenshot below.

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