Update Your Password

If you created your account on Newsela with a username and password, you can reset your password in Newsela.

From the Sign In Page

  1. Navigate to newsela.com.

  2. Click "Sign In" in the upper-right corner.

  3. Click "Forgot your username or password?"

  4. Enter your email address.

  5. Click "Submit."

  6. Go to your email inbox, and click the link to reset your password.

If you signed up using Google, Microsoft, Canvas, Schoology, Classlink, or any other portal or learning management system, Newsela will prompt you to sign in with that service. Not sure how you logged in, but can't rest your password? Contact us.

From Settings

On the Profile Tab, teachers can change their password by following these steps:

  1. Scroll to the User Password section

  2. Enter your current password, and then choose and confirm a new password.

  3. Click "Update Password"

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Student accounts created with a username and password in Newsela can be edited on the Students tab. Student accounts imported from other systems need to be updated in that system by your school technology administrator.

Edit Student Names

  1. Click the student's name in the Student Directory

  2. Enter the correct name.

  3. Click Save.  

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Edit Student Passwords

  1. Click the student's name in the student directory 

  2. Scroll to Password Reset. Enter the new password.

  3. Click Reset Password.


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To quickly find a student whose name or password needs to be reset, administrators and teachers will see a Student Lookup search box at the top of their Student Directory. They can use this box to find and update the accounts of students who are in classes.

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If you need your password reset, follow the steps in the link provided to receive a password reset email