Using ClassLink for Teachers

Teachers can sign in, create classes, and roster students with the Newsela + ClassLink integration.

Logging In

  • Sign into your School/District ClassLink account on ClassLink.

  • Click on the Newsela icon.

Importing Classes and Rosters from ClassLink

  • In Newsela, go to your Classes page by clicking your name in the upper right-hand corner and selecting settings, then selecting Class Directory from the settings menu.  

  • Click Sync with ClassLink.

  • Select the classes you want to import, choose a grade level and subject for each, then click Import Selected Classes.

  • You may need to wait for the sync to complete.

  • To confirm that your students are in your class, go to your Students page. Under each class name, you’ll see a list of students in the class. The student roster in Newsela should correspond to the student roster in ClassLink

Imported students will see your class on their settings page.   

If you do not see the sync button, your classes are automatically rostering with Newsela. Please reach out to your admin if you do not see your classes.

ClassLink FAQs

Q: Why can’t I import my class?

A: Newsela only imports current classes from Classlink. If your school year starts on September 1, for example, you will be able to import classes starting September 1, but not earlier. 

If your semester has started, and you can’t import a class, you may have to restore an archived class following these steps:

  • Click into your Class Directory

  • Select the archived classroom

  • Change the status from archived to active

  • Navigate back to the Class Directory

  • Sync your classes again.