Text Sets and Collections

Text Sets and Collections are two ways that you’ll see articles organized on Newsela. Certain text sets and collections are affiliated with Newsela subscription types, such as Newsela Social Studies, and cannot be viewed or shared with other subscription types.

Text Sets: Groups of articles that share a common theme. You can create your own Text Sets or explore Text Sets created by other teachers and by Newsela editors.

Collections: Curriculum resources that contain content and instructional materials aligned to the scope and sequence for a subject, that have been purchased for your school or district.

In the site menu

  1. Hover over Your Content.

  2. Select Content at Your School find Text Sets in Your School, the group of text sets that teachers you work with have created.

In Search

When you search on Newsela, Text Sets appear as one of the search tabs.

  1. Enter a search term in the Search bar.

  2. Click Text Sets under your search term to find groups of articles already curated by educators on that topic.

From the Newsela Menu

  1. Hover over Text Sets or Your Content at the top of the page.

  2. From the drop-down menu, select Your Text Sets.

  3. Click the blue Create New Text Set button, in the top right-hand corner of the page.

From Another Text Set

Teachers can also make a copy of an existing Text Sets to edit or add description or content.

  1. Select the text set you'd like to use.

  2. Click the copy icon (two sheets of paper in a circle) at the top of a Text Set created by Newsela or another teacher. 

From an Article

  1. Click the "+Add to Text Set" icon , beneath the article's title.

  2. Select "Create new Text Set."

  3. Update the title, description, and add articles to complete the Text Set.

Teachers can edit Text Sets that they have created or copied. If you want an edited version of a Text Set made by someone else, start by clicking the copy icon at the top of a Text Set. 

  1. Go to the Text Set you want to work with, by hovering over Your Content and selecting Created by You. 

  2. Hover over the wrench icon next to the title.

  3. Click Edit Text Set.

  4. Update the title or description, or add, remove, or reorder articles.

  5. Click Save.

Teachers can also add articles to their Text Sets directly from an article by clicking the + icon above the title.